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Horty Expert MK is a private company founded in 1991.

Although the company’s primary area of expertise is landscape design and landscaping, the main activities also include production and sales of ornamental plants and trees and planning and installation of irrigation systems.
The company does landscape design and landscaping of individual houses, residential complexes, industrial buildings, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, highways, public squares, parks and other urban spaces. Each and every one of the garden designs is thoroughly thought out, completely unique and utterly attractive. These characteristics put into every project make Horti Expert MK the leading landscaping company in Macedonia and a renowned one in the region.
Our reference list displays the diversity of the landscape projects that we in Horti Expert MK do in Macedonia and in the region. The company employs 25 permanent employees, but the number goes up to 42 employees in the high seasons. The company’s team consists of forestry, landscaping and civil engineers, and highly experienced and skilled technicians and workers. The company has an excellent infrastructure and is fully equipped with all necessary machines and tools for successful undertaking of major landscape projects and maintenance.

Horti Expert MK owns 2 (two) nurseries. The first one is situated in the capital-Skopje, near the city center, besides the river Vardar and occupies a total area of 40.000 m2. This nursery is for production of cuttings, rooted cuttings and liners in plastic tunnels. The second one is situated near a small town- Bogdanci, in the southern part of Macedonia and occupies a total area of 50.000 m2 and 70.000 m2. This nursery is for open field production of ornamental plants and trees and container plant production respectively. The company also has a 20.000 m2 area in Hippodrome, at the very entrance of the city of Skopje, for plant stock and one of a kind show park/ garden center/ bonsai garden situated on 13.400 m2 of land in Skopje, at the entrance of the city park, across Alexandar Palace hotel.
Horti Expert MK has a well established business network both with suppliers and buyers from Macedonia and abroad Europe. The expertise of the company’s owners and team leaders is highly valued by the customers, the partners, but also by the professors at the Faculty of Forestry at the University “Ss Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje. The company’s facilities are regularly used for practical lectures on landscaping and production often delivered by Horti Expert MK owner.
Many students fulfill their obligatory annual practical work during the summer semesters working in the nurseries, in the production, or during landscaping activities and/ or maintenance. As previously told the company’s main area of expertise is landscape design and landscaping. We in Horti Expert MK approach every landscaping activity as one of a kind, special project. We take care of the demands of our clients. We know that each client has own particular desire, perception of beauty and financial limitations. We try to incorporate all these aspects into our high standard landscape designs. We always take into account the plant physiology, its growth rate, its optimal required soil and environmental conditions important for their sustainable development, but we also pay attention to the decorative aspects of plants- their color and texture, the combinations, the compositions and the contrasts that are achieved in color and shape during each season.
These are just some of the aspects that we take into consideration when we create our unique and artistic landscape designs. We, in Horti Expert MK have the philosophy of incorporating our gardens into the surrounding environment. In order to achieve that we have to create garden designs that represent a true symbiosis of the art and science of landscaping with the art of the nature itself. By bringing the natural beauty closer to people we make their lives more harmonic.
The magic of our landscape designs is enjoyed by many satisfied clients in our country and the region. Share these unique landscape.